Freddie McKay ‎– Creation


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  • A1 - Creation Rebel Freddie McKay ‎
  • A2 - Creation Dub Freddie McKay ‎
  • A3 - Here I Come Freddie McKay ‎
  • A4 - La La Bye Woman Freddie McKay ‎
  • A5 - Rock A Bye Dub Freddie McKay ‎
  • A6 - I-Man Freddie McKay ‎
  • B1 - Nah Mek It Look So Freddie McKay ‎
  • B2 - Nah Mek It Look So Version Freddie McKay ‎
  • B3 - The Rainbow Freddie McKay ‎
  • B4 - A Positive Mind Freddie McKay ‎
  • B5 - The Girl I Left Behind Freddie McKay ‎
  • B6 - The Girl I Left Behind Version Freddie McKay ‎

In stock


Freddie McKay – Creation album, overseen by the adept Ossie Hibbert, represents a pinnacle of reggae craftsmanship, originally unveiled in 1979. This album not only features McKay’s original compositions but also includes captivating renditions of hits like “Creation Rebel,” “Rock A Bye Woman,” and “Nah Mek It Look So,” complemented by four distinctive dub versions. 

The reissue of this long-out-of-print gem comes complete with inner sleeve notes, rare photos, and a faithfully reproduced original cover, all pressed on classic black vinyl. Highly recommended for both dedicated collectors and newcomers alike, “Creation” stands as a testament to McKay’s enduring talent and the timeless allure of roots reggae.

Freddie McKay ‎– Creation – 80s – Roots – Reggae – Classic – Reissue – LP – VP Records