Hoziah Lawrence – Money Lover // Dub


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  • A - Money Love Hoziah Lawrence
  • B - Dub

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In 1977, Hoziah Lawrence, also known as Hosbah or Hosiah, recorded a handful of tracks under the guidance of producer Jack Ruby. One of the standout pieces of his brief career was “Money Lover,” characterized by its rhythmic and militant style.

The song found its place on a unique and obscure record label called Haughton Sound. This label belonged to Antonette Haughton, an emerging lawyer at the time. Interestingly, Antonette often found herself at odds with many musicians in her day-to-day life. However, her story took an unexpected turn: after her stint as a lawyer, she became a passionate and radical radio host on RJR. Even more surprisingly, Antonette became a controversial lawyer and was eventually disbarred before her passing in 2023.

The attribution of production credits to Antonette Haughton by Jack Ruby remains an enigma. Speculation suggests there could have been political motivations behind this decision, according to the Estate of Jack Ruby. The mysterious connection between music and the law adds an intriguing twist to the story of “Money Lover.”

Over the years, this song has persistently captured the attention of rare vinyl collectors. Now, TRS Records presents its reissue, contributing to the aura of mysticism surrounding its creation.

Hoziah Lawrence – Money Love  – 70s – Jamaica – Roots – Reggae – Wolf – TRS –  Reissue – Vinyl 7″