Icho Candy & Prince Junior – Free Up // Dub


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  • A - Free Up Icho Candy & Prince Junior
  • B - Dub

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Icho Candy & Prince JuniorFree Up is a powerful, previously unreleased combination tune from the late ’80s, now finally available again. This track, set to the same rhythm as King Kong’s ‘Agony and Pain,’ captures the intense struggle for freedom that was as relevant then as it is today. Despite often being confused for each other, the brothers deliver distinct and compelling performances, blending their voices seamlessly. 

‘Free Up’ resonates deeply with its lyrical emphasis on liberation and resistance, making it a timeless and significant addition to any reggae collection.

Icho Candy – Prince Junior  – Free Up – 80s – USA – Digital – Dancehall –  Jah Life Time – Reissue – Vinyl 7″