Israel Vibration ‎– Strength Of My Life


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  • A1 - Cool And Calm Israel Vibration
  • A2 - Jah Love Me Israel Vibration
  • A3 - Payday Israel Vibration
  • A4 - Gready Dog Israel Vibration
  • A5 - Don't Want Apartheid Israel Vibration
  • B1 - Perfect Love And Understanding Israel Vibration
  • B2 - Live And Give Israel Vibration
  • B3 - The Middle East Israel Vibration
  • B4 - Strength Of My Life Israel Vibration

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Israel Vibration – Strength Of My Life album, a testament to resilience and spiritual fortitude, originally released to critical acclaim. Produced by Tommy Cowan, this masterpiece blends deep-rooted reggae rhythms with Israel Vibration’s signature harmonies and profound lyrics. The album features standout tracks like “Why Worry” and “Jah Love Me,” each carrying a message of hope and perseverance. Now reissued with meticulous attention to detail, including inner sleeve notes, rare photos, and the original cover faithfully reproduced on black vinyl. 

A must-have for reggae aficionados, “Strength Of My Life” remains a timeless embodiment of Israel Vibration’s enduring impact on the genre and their ability to inspire through music.

Israel Vibration ‎– Strength Of My Life – 80s – USA – Roots – Reggae – Classic – Reissue – LP – Real Gone Music