Leroy King – Mash Down Babylon // Version


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  • A - Mash Down Babylon Leroy King
  • B - Version

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Leroy King – Mash Down Babylon is a vocal roots reggae masterpiece produced by Roy Francis in the late 70s under his short-lived but outstanding Phase One label. This song, along with other notable collaborations with The Heptones, Sam Baswell, and Errol Davis, stands out for its quality and authenticity. 

The dub versions, primarily worked on at King Tubby’s studios, are exceptional, capturing the essence of the roots reggae era. This limited edition comes in sturdy, colorful cardboard sleeves, adding a special touch to this collection of five essential vocal tracks.

Leroy King – Mash Down Babylon – 70s – Roots – Phase One Records – Reissue – Vinyl 7″