Monyaka – Rocking Time // Dub Version


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  • A - Rocking Time Monyaka
  • B1 - Vocal Dub
  • B2 - Dubwise

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From the original master tapes, emerges a rare gem of roots reggae from the 1970s New York band Monyaka with ‘Rocking Time‘. This release features not only the extended vocal and dub versions but also an exclusive dubplate mix, offering listeners a comprehensive exploration of Monyaka’s musical prowess. The band’s distinct sound blends infectious rhythms with socially conscious lyrics, capturing the essence of the era’s vibrant reggae scene. 

‘Rocking Time’ is a testament to Monyaka’s enduring influence and a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Monyaka – Rocking Time – 70s – Roots – Reggae – Dub – Canada – Onlyroots – Reissue