The Heptones – Deceivers // Dub


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  • A - Deceivers The Heptones
  • B - Dub

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The Heptones – Deceivers is a quintessential roots reggae track that showcases the trio’s impeccable harmonies and lyrical depth. With its powerful message about betrayal and dishonesty, the song resonates with emotional intensity and social relevance. The production quality is top-notch, reflecting the craftsmanship of the late 70s reggae scene. The Heptones, known for their smooth vocal blends and thought-provoking lyrics, deliver a performance that is both captivating and reflective, making ‘Deceivers’ a standout track in their illustrious catalog.

The Heptones – Deceivers  – 70s – Roots – Phase One Records – Reissue – Vinyl 7″