Roots Trunks & Branches – Forward To Zion // Join Them


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  • A - Forward To Zion Roots Trunks & Branches
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Roots Trunks & Branches – Forward To Zion, led by the legendary Joseph White, also known as Joe White, is a cornerstone of roots reggae. Joe White’s musical journey began in the late ’50s, with his first recordings under Duke Reid in the early ’60s. He later joined Sonia Pottinger’s label, achieving his first hit in 1965 with “Every Night.” Over the years, White also worked with notable producers like Prince Buster, Coxsone Dodd, and Rupie Edwards.

In the ’70s, Joe White emerged as one of Jamaica’s few melodica players, alongside Augustus Pablo, Peter Tosh, and Bobby Kalphat, producing beautiful instrumentals such as “Kenyata,” “Call Me Trinity” for Derrick Harriott, and “Cheer Up” for Glen Brown. He was also part of BB Seaton’s esteemed backing/studio band, The Conscious Minds. Relocating to London in the mid-’70s, White released his classic album “Love For Every Family.”

Joe White formed Roots Trunks & Branches, releasing several tracks on the Splendour Heights label. “Forward To Zion,” released in 1979, became a quintessential roots reggae anthem for sound systems worldwide. Its futuristic dubwise appeal also resonates with electronic music fans. The track is a powerful call for peace, love, freedom, and the emancipation of people. The lyrics urge unity and the cessation of conflict, envisioning a collective journey toward Zion. Whether you’re a natty dread or a baldhead, the message is clear: it’s time to unite and move forward to Zion.

Roots Trunks & Branches – Forward To Zion – Join Them – 70s  – Roots  – Vinyl Record 12″ – Jamwax – Reissue – Reggae